Sunday, May 16, 2010


Wrought silver chatelaine clip(3 1/2"W.) with 7 dangling chains with attached charms and objects including: 1 mother of pearl pocket knife, 1 clothing pin charm, 1 powder compact with mirror, 1 telescoping cigarette accessory and case, 1 monocle, 1 sterling mechanical pencil.

Elaborate Victorian silver-plate on brass lilypad chatelaine. 2 1/2"W. x 8 1/2"L. Includes: 1 lilypad covered mirror, 1 small coin purse, 1 small retractable pencil, and 1 celluloid writing pad. Condition: wear to silverplate.

Today I learnt what a chatelaine (sometimes referred to as equipage) is. The Dictionary Of Costume by R. Turner Wilcox states that it was popular in the'... sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and later, a long gold or silver chain or chains fastened around the waist and pinned to the skirt. It carried keys, mirror, scent box, smelling salts, handkerchief and sewing things, including a pincushion' It is often said that it was the predecessor to the handbag and pocket knife. At the moment I'm attempting my first locket; and it is the research into lockets, snuff boxes and poison rings that has led me to discover the chatelaine.

Art Deco - Enamel and Chrome:(1) Elgin green Chicago souvenir compact. (2) Yellow Evans made in Austria rectangular compact. (3) Green lipstick and powder chatelaine compact with red swan decoration.

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